Revue de presse de la semaine / This week in European politics (09/07-15/07)

An interview that is slightly old (first published last Friday) but that has been doing the rounds ever since. From the Spiegel, this is a joint interview of Juncker and Schulz. At times candid, at times very political. I’m not sure it will do much to disperse the notion that both are somehow ruling the EU behind closed doors (although in fairness, the relation between the head of the executive and the head of the legislative is very rarely one of complete opposition) but it is an interesting read nonetheless (in English)


I’m not that fond of Politico EU. I find that more often than not they go for lazy tabloid style articles. It’s alright for a newspaper to go down that road. Except when you want to establish yourself as the n°1 newspaper on EU affairs (so in a nutshell, I miss The Economist‘s professional type of reporting that underlined European Voice. Often dry but always well researched). But sometimes Politico has good articles. From guests writers most of the time. Here’s one looking at Little England’s view of the EU:


Another excellent « Long read » from the Guardian, on post-facts (or even post-truth) politics in the age of social media. And it’s not a cheerful read:


Jürgen Habermas on Europe post-Brexit. The interview is a bit long-winded (well, it’s Habermas) but interesting nonetheless (well, it’s Habermas). I’m still not sure I know exactly what he thinks or what he wants though:


Frans Timmermans is slowly becoming my new hero. This Facebook text on « understanding the British » is actually quite beautiful and very touching. His disappointment in seeing what Britain has become is quite palpable.


Et pour finir le cas Barroso. Oui, cela est (probablement pour ce que l’on en sait pour le moment) parfaitement légal. Mais ça fait tout de même désordre. Jean Quatremer virulent comme jamais en vidéo et plus modéré mais toujours aussi mordant à l’écrit:

La vidéo:

L’article sur Libération


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