Revue de presse européenne de la semaine / This week in European politics (12-16/09)

The main highlight of the week was the State of the Union address given on Wednesday. I hope you had printed your bullshit bingo in advance.


So talking of speeches, this « confession » article from Ryan Heath of Politico. Now, I’m not Politico biggest fan (but I do like the Playbook). But I’ve written speeches although I’ve never been a speechwriter as such. And I know what it’s like to write a speech for someone who is too busy to tell you what they want or so « important » that the levels of management between him and you do not consider you should meet him. In my case it went well (no funny anecdote), the big man was happy with the speech and didn’t even stray from it. But this account from Heath had a nice « vécu » feel to it:


On SOTEU, a bit of wry humour from Les Grecques


Quatremer et un portrait très humain de Juncker (la sympathie mutuelle est assez visible dans l’article)


From the « Brexit means Brexit » humoristic (or not) series in the Guardian:



Not politics really, but a fascinating read on the UK’s secret war in Oman in the 60s, from the Guardian Long Read series



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