This week in European politics / Revue de presse européenne de la semaine (17-22/10/2016)

Der Spiegel on the changing face of Britain (in English):


Dave Keating on the Waloon parliament veto on CETA and the implications for any Brexit deal:


The Guardian‘s « Brexit means Brexit » column


Et pour alléger l’atmosphère, les Grecques nous propose un roman-feuilleton sur les coulisses du Parlement européen (réservé aux aficionados de Borgen et autres séries politiques)


This week in European politics / Revue de presse européenne de la semaine (03-07/10)

Désolée si cette revue de presse est 100% anglophone cette semaine

Brexit is the flavour of the week, with the British Prime Minister outlining her vision for Britain. A vision that makes me think that in a couple of years I will no longer go for shopping and theatre weekends in London. Either because as a not filthily rich foreigner I will not be welcomed anymore (I’m sure they will still welcome oligarchs or petrodollar people) or because there might not be much cultural life left in London. Time to read V for Vendetta (by Alan Moore) again folks.

So let’s get started on this Brexit means Brexit means little Britain review.


A summary of the main proposals from May’s speech from the Guardian:


A take on the « citizens of the world » comment in May’s speech from Quartz (I didn’t know the site, it presents itself as a « a digitally native news outlet, born in 2012, for business people in the new global economy »


And to close this topic, the scariest vide of the week, from LBC (article and context by the Independent)